Hurricane Katrina Resources: Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Information

The Salvation Army
Information on disaster relief, how to find your local Salvation Army office, and how to volunteer.

FEMA: The Federal Emergency Management Agency
Includes a disaster assistance web page for individuals:


Disaster Relief--To make Donations

Unfortunately in the wake of disaster, there are frauds and scams that may appear to be bonafide charities. For example, the Red Cross DOES NOT solicit funds by going door to door, by phone or via email spam (but they will contact you via email if you have given the your email address in the past). Individuals should be wary of these sorts of solicitations. The agency contact information below is intended as a starting point for charitable giving. The web sites will also allow users to locate local agency offices. Individuals may also want to work with their churches, local community organizations and familiar charities at this time.

The Red Cross
The Red Cross web site offers a number of ways in which individuals and businesses can make donations to their disaster relief fund.

The Salvation Army
Features information on how to make financial donations and how to locate your local Salvation Army office for further information on how to assist disaster victims in your area.

The Network For Good
The Network For Good lists a number of charities that offer aid to individuals affected by Katrina.

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