The Archives & Special Collections material identified in this subject guide pertains largely to religion in Mississippi, although more general material related to race relations and religion appears as do pre-1850 volumes on the topic.  Items date from the sixteenth century to the present.  The subject guide is divided into five categories:

Manuscript Collections describes collections possessing content on religious topics.

Rare Volumes lists a selection of general religious works published prior to 1850, includes scripture in foreign languages and medieval texts. 

Primary Source Publications lists cataloged holdings of autobiographies, historic works of theology, or historic publications with religious data.

Secondary Source Publications outlines histories of religions or denominations within Mississippi; histories of specific churches in the state; biographies of religious leaders and individuals; and other disciplinary approaches to the study of religion. 

Media holds a list of cataloged audio and audiovisual recordings on the topic of religion.  It includes music, comedic stories, and oral histories.

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