Photograph Collections: General Photographs

This guide is designed to list the images within the General Photographs Collection. General Photographs (GP) are those images that have no other materials relating to them within Special Collections. 


Subject Term Title 1 Title 2 Location
Agriculture hog farming/shooting GPB9F3

workers dancing in cotton field GPB1F28

cotton workers resting in a shed GPB2F1

cotton wagon pulled by mule team GPB2F3

steam boat loaded with cotton, New Orleans Vicksburg Packet

Art unidentified color prints GPB11F12

Athletics - not Ole Miss

"G" baseball team GPB9F2

baseball player GPB9F2

men playing with large ball GPB9F2

runner GPB9F2

man standing in stadium GPB9F2

first baseman GPB9F2

baseball player GPB9F2

boxers GPB9F2

baseball game GPB9F2

men playing with large ball GPB9F2

man standing in stadium GPB9F2

baseball game GPB9F2
Buildings Businesses fort/campsite/lighthouse/ship GPB1F25

Lafayette Spring Hotel GPB8F163

Scrap Woolfolk Building, Jackson, MS GPB8F105

Lafayette Springs Consolidated GPB8F164

Enterprise Machine and Garage GPB10F11

Thompson Building GPB1F29

Water-Powered Lumber Mill in Lafayette County GPB1F1

MRS Manufacturing Company, Flora and Jackson, MS plant and employee housing facilities GPB9F4

tractor with "weight transfer" feature GPB9F4

"125" tractor and Bucyrus-Erie S-152 scraper GPB9F4

72 hp tractor and wagon hauling gravel in Pike County, MS GPB9F4

Churches Academy Baptist Church GPB4F47

Baptist Church, Lakeshore MS GPB5F93

Clear Creek, Oxford MS GPB1F12

College Church, Oxford MS GPB1F12

College Hill Presbyterian Church, Oxford MS GPB5F4

Ebenezer Church GPB4F45

Episcopal Church, Oxford MS GPB1F12

Episcopal Church, Prairieville AL GPB5F7

First Presbyterian Church, Biloxi MS GPB5F60

First Presbyterian Church, Oxford MS GPB4F34


First Presbyterian Church, Water Valley MS GPB4F41

Oakland Memorial Chapel, Alcorn State College GPB8F104

Old Cumberland Presbyterian (site where Kroger now stands) GPB1F12

Old Madison Presbyterian Church, sign GPB5F8

Presbyterian Church, Forest MS GPB6F32

Presbyterian Church, French Camp MS GPB6F3

Presbyterian Church ruins, Glen Allan MS GPB4F40

Presbyterian Church, Gulfport MS GPB4F39

Presbyterian Church, Hernando MS GPB5F3

Presbyterian Church, Indianola MS GPB5F105

Presbyterian Church, Natchez MS GPB6F7


Presbyterian Church, Port Gibson MS GPB4F38


Presbyterian Church, Shongaloo MS GPB6F33

Presbyterian Church, Tchula MS GPB5F104

Presbyterian Church, Vaiden MS GPB6F29

Presbyterian Church, Wiggins MS GPB5F1


Presbyterian Church, Wren MS GPB5F2

Presbyterian Church, unidentified GPB4F35-126

Presbyterian Church, unidentified GPB5F1-37

Presbyterian Church, unidentified GPB5F75-92

Presbyterian Church, unidentified GPB5F94-103

Presbyterian Church, unidentified GPB5F106-116

Sand Springs Presbyterian, Lafayette County GPB1F12

St. John's Church GPB1F24

St. Mary's Church, unidentified town GPB6F30

St. Mary's Cathedral, Natchez MS GPB8F140

St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Oxford MS GPB1F12


St. Peter's Cemetery, Oxford MS GPB1F3

Thompson family markers in St. Peter's cemtery GPB1F3

Unidentified church, MS GPB6F1-2

Unidentified church, MS GPB6F4-6

Unidentified church, MS GPB6F12

Unidentified church, MS GPB6F14-28

Unidentified church, MS GPB6F31

Unidentified church, MS GPB6F34-42

Unidentified church, Rodney MS GPB6F10


Unidentified church, Wiggins MS GPB6F8

Unidentified church, Yocona MS GPB6F11

unidentified interior--church? GPB10F10

Unidentified Presbyterian Church Trinity DVBS GPB4F36

Civic Mississippi State Capital GPB8F101-103

Masonic Temple, Houston, MS and Dr. J. Rice Williams GPB9F16

Residences Gatekeeper's Lodge GPB1F5

Malmaison GPB3F37





photo of abandoned? House GPB9F16

ruins of brick mansion GPB9F16

Prof. Longest's Home GPB10F15

Thompson, Anna Eliza, House GPB1F5

Thompson, John M.D., House GPB1F5

Thompson, Macon, House GPB1F5

Thompson, William, House GPB1F5
Civil Rights--Integration of University of Mississippi Freedom House in McComb, MS GPB6F52

Students watching US Marshalls GPB8F169
Civil War Chickasaw Bayou Battle historical marker GPB4F43

Confederate Navy Yard Historical marker GPB4F67

Davis, Jefferson GPB6F56

Johnston, General A. S. GPB6F59

Lee, General Robert E. GPB6F60

Lincoln, Abraham GPB6F61

Meade, Major General George Gordon GPB6F62

Oxford, MS Confederate Cemetery GPB1F7

Confederate monument GPB1F4

View of courthouse with Union soldiers guarding prisoners; tents around the Oxford square GPB1F6

courthouse after it was burned by Gen A. J. Smith GPB1F13

Pensacola Civil War Photographs GPB7F18
Documentary Photo Aids Documentary Photo Aid--"The Negro Experience in America" GPB10F6

Documentary Photo Aid--"President Jefferson Davis and Vice President Alexander H. Stephens" GPB10F6

Documentary Photo Aid--"Vote Now" GPB10F6
Documents picture of typewritten dialogue GPB9F18

picture of Mississippi court document; William King, Eli Montgomery, John Whitney? Dealing with debt GPB9F18
Entertainment 5 piece brass band GPB9F11

Film "Baby Doll", at theater in Chicago GPB6F45

"Barn Burning" prints and negatives GPB10F13

"Tarnished Angels," at unidentified theater GPB4F33

Stanwyck, Barbara with unknown man GPB9F11

McQueen, Steve "The Reivers" movie still GPB9F11

sidewalk entertainers GPB9F11

man with guitar on stage GPB9F11

"Mississippi--This is Your Song" Album proof sheet of children in tree GPB9F12

Tommy Tate GPB9F12

portraits of Dan Tyler GPB9F12

Jim Weatherly GPB9F12

portraits of Dardanelle Hadley GPB9F12

portraits of Jeanine Walker GPB9F12

Mary Ann Mobley GPB9F12

Guy Hovis GPB9F12

portraits of Bill Walker GPB9F12

Key Brothers--MS Pilots negative of two airplanes GPB9F20

negative of man examining plane engine in flight GPB9F20

man examining plane engine in flight GPB9F20

8 marching band photos mounted on cardboard GPB10F9
Historical Markers Beauvoir Historical Marker GPB4F65

Belhaven College Historical Marker GPB4F70

Betty Allen historical marker GPB4F102

Biloxi, MS GPB4F94

Bowman Hotel Historical marker GPB4F83

Brice's Crossroads Historical Marker GPB4F120

Brookhaven Historical Marker GPB4F75

Canton, MS Historical Marker GPB4F77

Casey Jones Historical Marker GPB4F113

Charley's Trace Historical Marker GPB4F72

Church of the Redeemer historical Marker GPB4F117

Clinton historical marker GPB4F53

Coleman's Mill GPB4F49

Columbia, MS Historical Marker GPB4F109

Corinth, MS Historical Marker GPB4F118

Cotton Gin Port Historical Marker GPB4F64

Crystal Springs, MS Historical Marker GPB4F112

Dancing Rabbit Creek Historical Marker GPB4F63

Dr. John W. Monette Historical Marker GPB4F48

Elliot Mission Historical Marker GPB4F88

Episcopal Chapel of the Cross Historical Marker GPB4F73

Eupora, MS Historical Marker GPB4F99

Farragut Home Historical Marker GPB4F62

First Boy's Corn Club GPB4F57

Ford House Historical Marker GPB4F66

Fort Ingalls Historical Marker GPB4F97

Fort Louis Historical Marker GPB4F122

Fort Pemberton Historical Marker GPB4F108

Fort Rosalie Historical Marker GPB4F93

Franklin Academy Historical Marker GPB4F71

French Camp Historical Marker GPB4F85

Greenville historical marker GPB4F55

Hazlehurst historical marker GPB4F44

Henry Quin Home historical marker GPB4F50

Ishetehotopah Historical Marker City Hall Historical Marker GPB4F92

Jackson College Historical Marker Jefferson Military College, Historical Marker GPB4F111

Jackson City Hall Historical Marker GPB4F86

Jefferson Military College Historical Marker GPB4F76

Kosciusko, MS Historical Marker GPB4F69

Liberty, MS Historical Marker GPB4F98

Lochnivar Historical Marker GPB4F125

McNutt Historical Marker GPB4F107

Mayhew Mission Historical Marker GPB4F114

Mississippi Hills Historical Maker GPB4F80

Mississippi Historical Maker GPB4F115

Mississippi Mills Historical Maker GPB4F87

Mississippi State College Historical Maker GPB4F105

Mississippi State College for Women Historical Marker GPB4F96

Monroe Mission Historical Marker GPB4F116

Mound Bayou, MS, Historical Marker GPB4F119

Nanih Waiya Marker GPB4F42

Natchez Trace parkway Ackia Marker Marker GPB5F30

Beech Springs Trail Marker GPB5F48

Bethel Mission  Marker GPB5F18


Bynum Mounds Marker GPB5F27

Choctaw Boundary Marker GPB5F33


Fossil Exhibit Marker GPB5F49

French Camp Marker GPB5F16



Hurricane Creek Marker GPB5F12

Line Creek Marker GPB5F36

Little Mountain Park Marker GPB5F42

Marker GPB5F47

















Pearl River Marker GPB5F14

Robinson Road Marker GPB5F15

Tupelo-Baldcypress Swamp Marker on Natchez Trace Parkway GPB5F17

Terminus Monument GPB5F11

Tupelo Marker GPB5F34

Old Capitol historical marker Jackson, MS GPB4F52

Old Greensboro Historical Marker GPB4F81

Old Natchez District Historical Marker GPB4F104

Order of the Eastern Star (O.E.S.) Birthplace Marker GPB4F106

Okachickima Historical Marker GPB4F61

Okolona Historical Marker GPB4F58

Pass Christian, MS Historical Marker GPB4F124

Peabody School historical marker GPB4F54

P.T.A. Birthplace Historical Marker GPB4F90

Raymond, MS Courthouse Historical Marker GPB4F84

Robinson Road historical marker GPB4F89

Salem Church Historical Marker GPB4F121

Shongalo Church Historical Marker  GPB4F95

Sidon Historical Marker GPB4F59

Springfield Historical Marker GPB4F68

St. John's Church Historical Marker GPB4F46

St. John's Church Historical Marker GPB4F100

Starkville, MS Historical Marker GPB4F74

Sylvarna Historical Marker GPB4F82

Troy Historical Marker GPB4F60

Union Church Historical Marker GPB4F91

Washington, MS Historical Marker GPB4F78


William Carey College Historical Marker GPB4F79

Woodville, MS Historical Marker GPB4F101

Woolmarket Historical Marker GPB4F123

Zion Seminary Historical Marker GPB4F103
Home/Family family Christmas portrait GPB9F17

2 women and man standing by picket fence GPB9F17

street scene GPB9F17

famliy on porch GPB9F17

boy with horse GPB9F17

couples on swing set GPB9F17

children on porch GPB9F17

children standing with flower box GPB9F17

women standing in front of house GPB9F17

couple on porch swing GPB9F17

boy sitting by fountain? With miniature lighthouse GPB9F17

boy sitting on swimming pool GPB9F17

2 girls and man on porch GPB9F17

man holding baby GPB9F17

children and parents? On front porch GPB9F17

children and women standing in front of garden GPB9F17

children sitting on fornt proch GPB9F17

couple standing on steps GPB9F17

"The Jim Stansburys" Christmas portrait of children GPB9F17

children with Santa opening Christmas presents GPB9F17

couple at a party GPB9F17

Santa at a family Christmas dinner GPB9F17

couple dressed as parent and baby in stroller GPB9F17

proof sheets of misc portraits of children and adults GPB9F17
Hurricane Camille Hurricane Camille damage Biloxi GPB5F53

Biloxi GPB5F54

Biloxi GPB5F58

Biloxi GPB5F64-69

Biloxi GPB5F72-73

President Wilson's summer home in Pass Christian GPB5F52

Biloxi GPB5F61

Magnolia Hotel after Hurricane Camille GPB5F62


St. Thomas Roman Catholic Church, Gulfport MS GPB5F74

Italian Embassy GPB5F57

Long Beach GPB5F70


Mississippi City GPB5F55-56

Pass Christian GPB5F71
Military US Navy Band, "The Sea Chanters" GPB9F13

Naval man with marine GPB9F13

photos of soldier, countryside, city, and ruins GPB9F13

unidentified portraits of soldiers GPB9F13

man in uniform outside tent GPB9F13

soldiers target shooting GPB9F13

soldiers washing up GPB9F13

soldiers seated in stands GPB9F13

soldiers exercising GPB9F13

photos of soldiers at attention GPB9F13

soldiers raising flag GPB9F13

photo of camp life GPB9F13

soldier reading newspaper GPB9F13

soldier standing with civilians GPB9F13

soldier walking GPB9F13

portrait of uniformed man GPB9F13

2 men at a camp? GPB9F13

American camp for German political refugees GPB9F13

Military group GPB11F6
Mississippi Aberden, Mississippi tornado GPB11F1

Amy Schmidt thesis project GPB11F8

Clinton, MS GPB10F1

Coffeyville, MS school group photo GPB10F1

Dixie "White House" GPB4F51

Greenville, MS GPB10F1

river front, Greenville, MS GPB10F1

Lafayette County courthouse and square GPB1F17

Holly Springs Courthouse GPB3F36

Courthouse Holly Springs, MS GPB6F77

Marshall County, MS The Burn GPB8F49

Connelly Tavern GPB3F6

Natchez Natchez, MS pilgrimage GPB8F29-48

D'Evereux GPB3F3



Dunleith GPB8F30



Elgin GPB8F51

Green Leaves GPB8F32


Green Leaves and Twin Oaks GPB8F54

Glenwood GPB8F46

Gloucester GPB8F52-53

Hope Farms GPB8F42


Landsdowne GPB8F31


Longwood GPB8F58

Miller, Katherine Grafton GPB8F29

Montaigne GPB8F40-41



Mount Repose GPB3F1-2


Pilgrimage GPB8F29-48

Construction of U.S. Post Office GPB3F8-35

Ravenna GPB8F38

Richmond GPB8F63-64

Rosalie GPB8F47

Stanton Hall GPB3F7




Twin Oaks GPB3F4-5


Aerial View of Oxford MS GPB1F20

Aerial view of courthouse and square GPB1F20

steamboat landing, Natchez, MS GPB10F1

river landing, Natchez, MS GPB10F1

"Natchez Under the Hill," Natchez, MS GPB10F1

City Hall GPB1F14

Oxford, MS County Courthouse GPB8F166

Family , unidentified GPB1F23

Folklife Festival GPB8F141-162

Lafayette County Courthouse GPB1F15

South Lamar Street GPB1F19

N.C. Morse house GPB1F9

horse-drawn carriage on the Oxford square GPB1F10

two young girls on Oxford square GPB1F11

close-up of courthouse and square GPB1F17

side street leading to the square GPB1F18

Square Books GPB8F165

crowd watching hanging GPB1F15

mule trader on the square GPB1F16

North Lamar in Oxford GPB1F19

Morse, N.C., House GPB1F9


Andrews? House GPB9F22

3 photos of Huddleston's House, College Hill Road GPB9F22

Philip Stone Home GPB9F22

Hawthorn House, demolished GPB9F22

L.Q.C. Lamar Home GPB9F22

2 photos of Canyon? Home GPB9F22

2 photos of unidentified homes GPB9F22

10 photos of Oxford and the Univ. of MS mounted on cardboard GPB9F22

courthouse square GPB10F3

Jackson Ave and courthouse GPB10F3

photos of dirt street GPB10F3

Black and Huggins Auto Repair Shop GPB10F3

church GPB10F3

mule-driven wagon on covered bridge GPB10F3

photos of Rowan Oak GPB10F3

Improvements to the City of Oxford, Jackson Ave GPB11F7

Faulkner home and cemetery GPB11F10

Rowan Oak GPB11F11

Oxford, MS businessmen GPB11F13

Ripley, MS cotton scene GPB6F78

Ripley, MS Headquarters on the Natchez Trace Parkway GPB5F39

Tupelo,MS Tornado damage, 1936 GPB6F50

Vicksburg, MS "A Mississippi Portrait" Vicksburg Reception GPB2F32-35
Moon landing Astronauts GPB3F57-62

Flag GPB3F57-58

Rover GPB3F60

T.L.S. refering to moon photos GPB3F56
Outdoors/Camping "High Top?" Mountain Range GPB9F1

three women sitting on hillside GPB9F1

three women and man sitting on hillside GPB9F1

African-American fishermen and women GPB9F1

couple sitting on box GPB9F1

couple sitting on box GPB9F1

man on rocky ledge GPB9F1

men and women setting up tent GPB9F1

men and women at picnic table GPB9F1

men and women at picnic table GPB9F1

man and woman eating lunch? On car fender GPB9F1

four women swimming GPB9F1

man and woman dressing outside tent GPB9F1

man and woman dressing outside tent GPB9F1

men and women picnicing GPB9F1

two men and woman standing on tracks GPB9F1

men and women sitting on rocks GPB9F1

snapshots of Mississippi Gulf Coast GPB9F1
People Individuals Ammadelle GPB1F9

School teacher, unidentified, Columbus, MS GPB6F46

Davis, Jimmie GPB8F87


Depew, Chauncey M. GPB8F170

Jean Despre's French-Silver Smitty GPB2F36-41

Jean Despre's French-Silver Smitty GPB2DF49

Fremont, Major General John GPB6F57

Ghigna, Charles GPB6F47-48

Hannah, Barry photo by Harry Brown GPB11F4

Holloman, John H. GPB8F98

Kersh, Billie? Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge, Mississippi Masons GPB8F172

Leflore, Greenwood; Family in carriage GPB3F38

Leflore, Greenwood; Monument GPB3F54

Longstreet, Augustus Baldwin/Gate at President of Emory's House GPB6F44

Longsteert, Augustus Grave Marker GPB1F3

Meade, Lynda Lee GPB8F14-18

Miller, Katherine Grafton GPB8F29

Miss America, Mobley, Mary Ann GPB8F1-13

Mitchell, Margaret GPB6F49

Nelson, Mrs. William B. GPB1F27

Pevey [?], Joe GPB8F173

Rowan, Levi with family GPB1F2


Salisbury, Harrison GPB1F26

Silver, James GPB4F1

Snider, J.B. GPB8F122

Taylor, General GPB6F66

Tillman, Dr. Charles GPB6F53

Van Buren, John GPB6F67

Walker, Elijah M. GPB8F167-168

Welty, Eudora GPB11F3

Wilcox, General GPB6F71

Williams, Jeff GPB8F125-126

Wasson, Benjamin Franklin, Faulkner's first literary agent GPB10F8

African-Americans Children feeding Sorghum into a mill during molasses GPB6F73-GPB6F74

Children posed with molasses mill GPB6F75

Cleveland, MS, railroad workers GPB6F51

man and children on cotton wagon GPB6F77

Mississippi Theological and Industrial College see schools

Molasses workers GPB6F76

Women in front of cabin, Marshall county GPB6F72

Anna(last name unknown posing in Pierce and Bros Studio Water Valley, MS GPB8F173

2 Men dressed in WWI uniforms GPB8F173

African-American woman GPB9F10

African-American family on truck GPB9F10

African-American man signing autograph? GPB9F10

"Negro Lawyers and other Historic Characters of Mississippi" GPB10F14

African-Americans standing outside mansion GPB2F7

large African-American crowd at river baptism GPB2F8

African-American men, Laymen of C.M.E. General Conference, Kansas City MO GPB7F17

African-American couple, Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Pierson of Oklahoma City GPB7F19

African-American masons GPB7F20

African-American masons outside Grand Lodge, Canton MS GPB7F21

Portraits woman at picnic GPB9F5

woman making bed at Georgia? Hospital GPB9F5

woman at desk GPB9F5

photo of painting, woman with sheep GPB9F5

portraits of unidentified women GPB9F6

portraits of unidentified men GPB9F6

portraits of unidentified men GPB9F6

portraits of young man with glasses GPB9F7

men in straw boaters GPB9F7

portraits of unidentified men GPB9F7

Garrett, J. GPB9F7

Senator Stennis GPB9F7

portraits of young man in letter sweater GPB9F7

portraits of unidentified men GPB9F8

Group Portraits women with snowballs GPB9F9

composite, Water-Lily Lodge No. 402, Water Valley, MS GPB9F9

unidentified group photos of men GPB9F9

unidentified group photos of men and women GPB9F9

Fraternity  fraternity group photo GPB10F5

fraternity group photo GPB10F5

fraternity group photo GPB10F5

Native-Americans Chactan Busts GPB3F42

Chactan Head GPB3F43

Push-Ma-Ta-Ha, Choctaw Warrior GPB3F40

Politicians/World Leaders Calhoun, J.C. GPB6F54

Clay, Henry GPB6F55

Hamilton, Alexander GPB6F58

Napoleon GPB6F63

Polk, James Knox GPB6F64

Scott, Lieutenant General Hugh Lenox GPB6F65

Washington, George GPB6F68

Webster, Daniel GPB6F69

Wellington GPB6F70

Mississippi Politicians

Adams, Lawrence GPB8F120

Aldridge, John E. GPB8F98


Bailey, Thomas Lowry GPB8F87-100


Barnett, Ross GPB8F128

Bilbo, Theodore Gilmore GPB8F66-86

Brown, Joseph E. GPB8F111


Coleman, J.P. GPB8F123-124

Cooper, Forrest G. GPB8F98

Eastland, James Oliver GPB8F106-117

Eaton, Blaine GPB8F133

Gainey, John Lee GPB8F137

Gartin, Carroll GPB8F123-124


Hederman, Bob GPB8F98

Hester, Walter GPB8F120

Holloman, John H. GPB8F98

Johnson, Bill GPB8F124

Johnson, Paul Jr. GPB8F128


Junkin, John R. GPB8F120

Keady, William C. GPB8F98

Lambert, Flavious GPB8F124

Lander, Heber GPB8F96

Lee, Dexter GPB8F124

Livingston, Elwyn GPB8F120

Love, John GPB8F124

Luke, T.J. GPB8F98

McGahey, Walter GPB8F91-92


McGehee, Mayes GPB8F132

Meador, Lonnie GPB8F133

Moss, R.L. GPB8F123


Rice, Greek GPB8F91


Rouse, Al GPB8F133

Semmes, Billy GPB8F124-126



Sillars, Walter GPB8F91-92




Solomon, Dave GPB8F123-124

Stennis, John GPB8F130

Toler, Kenneth GPB8F131


Trim, Tom GPB8F121

Tubb, Jack GPB8F121

Warren, Arlie C. GPB8F126

White, Hugh GPB8F120-121

Williams, Jeff GPB8F125-126

Williams, John Bell GPB8F118-119

Winter, William F. GPB8F106


Wright, Fielding GPB8F91-92




LQC Lamar's son-in-law's daughter GPB11F5

Thompson portraits? portrait of man GPB10F2

original, print, and negative of portrait of woman GPB10F2
Schools Junior class, Lee High School, Columbus MS GPB8F171

Jackson College group photo GPB4F111

Mississippi Theological and Industrial College GPB7F1-16

Pittsboro, Mississippi School, July 14, 1914 GPB8F167-168

Training School Students, 1900 GPB4F126

Kingdom School group photo, Lafayette County, MS GPB9F15

K? State student GPB9F15

women with "Shorter College" pennants GPB9F15

crowd with academics in gowns GPB9F15

Georgia State Normal School--military training camp? "Southern Students' Conference," uniformed man at table GPB9F14

soldiers reading mail GPB9F14

soldiers seated on steps GPB9F14

3 men outside tent GPB9F14

man outside tent GPB9F14

group photo of men outside camp house? GPB9F14

two men outside tent GPB9F14

man outside camp house? GPB9F14

Jefferson Military College Jefferson Military College, cadets GPB8F19-21

Jefferson Military College, cadets GPB8F24-28

Jefferson Military College, Campus GPB8F22-23

Mississippi State College for Women, Columbus, MS (Art) photo of "A Hand for Clea," oil painting GPB9F19

portrait of Eugenia Summer and photo of "Loading Dock," water color painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Mary Evelyn Stringer and photo of "Country Store," water color painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Action at Joe's Point, Calif.," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

Virginia Robinson paintin GPB9F19

portrait of B.A. Roberts and photo of "Commentary," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of W.R. Richerson and photo of "Disputed Passage," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "The Family," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Lallah M. Perry in studio GPB9F19

photo of "Children," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Elizabeth P? and photo of "Yazoo," water color painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of William Jackson Olson and photo of "Houses," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Edward Nichols and photo of "Caliform," oil and ink painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

newsclipping with Lucy Millsaps and photo of "Harbor," water color painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

clipping photo of unidentified woman and photo of "Poker Game," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Thoughts," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Mrs. Hull and photo of "Landscape," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Autumn Mimosa," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Millicent Howell GPB9F19

portrait of Theora Hamblett? And photo of "Cotton Gin," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Still Life," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Seated Figure," water color painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Sawmill," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Jeanne DeWees? GPB9F19

photo of "Jumeau,"? Oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Harriet DeWees with painting GPB9F19

portrait of Bess Dawson and photo of "Immediacy," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Landscape," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Caroline Compton and photo of "Capt. Tom Greene," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Homer Casteel with self portrait and photo of "Rehearsal," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Untitled," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Dustie Bonge?in garden with painting GPB9F19

photo of "Untitled," oil painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

photo of "Empathy," oil-mixed painting mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Halcyone D. Barres? And photo of "Untitled," collage mounted on paper GPB9F19

portrait of Ruth Atkinson with painting GPB9F19

University of Mississippi University of Mississippi, Football team, 1896 GPB1F30

University of Mississippi, Women's dorm GPB1F22

two men in front of Univ. of MS Lyceum GPB9F15

Sigma Chi fraternity group photo GPB9F15

aerial photo of Univ. of MS campus GPB9F16

JD Williams Library Circulation training program GPB11F2

matted photo of students and professor? GPB10F7

matted sign, "Gift to the Library to honor Dr. Verner Smith Holmes…" GPB10F7

Vanderbilt University "A Few of the Boys," Vanderbilt Medical Department GPB10F4

Kissam Hall GPB10F4

burning of Vendome Theater GPB10F4

Kissam Hall GPB10F4

Kissam Hall GPB10F4

unidentified buliding GPB10F4

entrance to chapel, with statue of Cornelius Vanderbilt GPB10F4

Vanderbilt statue GPB10F4
Tennessee Tourist Slides GPB11F9
Transportation oxen and wagons GPB2F5

train of mule wagons GPB2F6

river front and steam boat landing GPB2F2

Bridge construction GPB11F14

Pearl River Bridge GPB10F12

unfinished section on NTP GPB4F24

French Camp on the Natchez Trace Parkway GPB5F37

railroad depot GPB1F8

Natchez Trace parkway Unfinished road GPB5F24

Indian Trading Post GPB5F10

Tupelo Headquarters GPB5F39

M.E.C.A. Washington GPB5F26

Museum near Jackson, MS GPB5F13

Overpass GPB5F40

Unfinished road GPB5F45

mule team at covered bridge on Delay Road GPB1F2

Motorcade GPB4F14

Unidentified man in buggy GPB6F43
South Carolina Brookgreen Gardens, Brookgreen SC GPB9F21
World War II Hitler, Adolf and Mussolini, Benito GPB4F3

Hitler, Adolf GPB4F9

MacArthur, General Douglas  GPB8F29

Mussolini, Benito GPB4F5

boarding airplane GPB4F7






with Hitler, Adolf GPB4F10

with Hitler, Adolf GPB4F15-18

with Hitler, Adolf GPB4F27-28

with Hitler, Adolf GPB4F30-31

with Unidentified Man GPB4F4

with Unidentified Man GPB4F6

Soldiers runing through field GPB4F19

Airplane German, World War II GPB4F8

Unidentified building GPB4F11


slides of Mussolini and Hitler GPB4F127
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