French Revolution and Napoleonic Materials (including Louisiana Purchase and War of 1812)

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The Gentleman's Magazine/ The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle. 1731-1837. Bound editions of a London periodical that provide insight into eighteenth and early nineteenth century events and every-day life from a British perspective. The volumes from the 1770s until the 1810s include news and editorials regarding the American Revolution, writings of the Enlightenment Philosophes, events of the French Revolution and its wars, Napoleon, and the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy. Call number: AP4. G3

Hodding Carter, The Marquis de Lafayette: Bright Sword for Freedom. American biography of American Continental and French Revolutionary Guard general and statesman Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Montier-Marquis de Lafayette. Illustrations by Mimi Korach. Call number: DC146.L2 C28

Etinne Taillemite. La Fayette. French biography of American Continental and French Revolutionary Guard, general, and statesman--the Marquis de Lafayette. Call number: DC146.L2 T35 1989 



Anonymous, Essai historique sue la vie privee de Marie Antoinette d'Autriche, reine de France. "Historic Essay on the Private Life of Marie Antoinette of Austria, Queen of France." This anonymous work is a brief and skeptical biography of Marie Antoinette. This was written after the fall of the Bastille. Call number: DC137.1 E87 1789

Anonymous, Porte-feuille d'un talon rouge: contenant des ancedotes galantes & secretts de la cour de France. "Wallet of a Red heel: Containing Gallant Anecdotes & the Secret Course of France." This is an example of the printed criticisms of Marie Antoinette and the Royal Court's decadence and frivolous spending. The work is attributed to: "Lettre a milady St..." and Parisian authorities ordered copies of the first edition destroyed on May 13, 1783. Call number: DC236.A2 P67 1783

Marie Antoinette (possibly compiled by the Duchessof Polinac). Correspondence de la Reine avec D'illustres Personages. "Correspondence of the Queen with Illustrious Persons." Letters to and from the Queen, from noted historic individuals, such as Cardinal de Rohan, Italian mystic Count Cagliostro, Jeanne de Valois la Motte, the Duke of Luxemburg, and with the Duchess of Polignac. Rohan, Cagliostro, and Jeanne de Valois were implicated in the "Affair of the Diamond Necklace." Call number: DC137.1 A12 1790

A.A. Barbier, Le Gazetier Cuirasse, ou, Ancedotes Scandaleuses de la Cour de France. "The Armoured Gazetier, or, Scandalous Anecdotes of the Course of France." Call number: DC133.8 T42 1771

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