Civil War: Manuscript Collections

Civil War Collections

The collections below from the Department of Archives and Special Collections at the University of Mississippi relate in some way to Mississippi during the Civil War and/or Mississippians involved in the Civil War. 


17th Mississippi Infantry Regiment Manuscript. Undated. The
mimeographed typed essay provides a brief description and hand-drawn
maps of the battles fought by the 17th Mississippi.  Location:  Small
Manuscripts 2001-2. 

E.V. Adams Collection. April 20, 1861; January 1864. Includes correspondence of Confederate soldiers Thomas S. Stout, Jr. and Joseph Hughes from Rock Island, Illinois Prisoner of War Camp. Location:  Small Manuscripts 77-2 (1 folder).

Jennie and Lucia Adams Collection. 1845-1915. This collection contains a certificate dated January 19, 1861 appointing Randolph Adams as Second Lieutenant in the state of South Carolina. Also includes a certificate for an advance on cotton to A.K. Boyce, April 28, 1862.  Finding aid available online at (13 boxes).

Samuel Agnew Diary Photocopies.  1851-1902.  An Associate Reformed Presbyterian minister, teacher, and farmer who lived in Mississippi, Samuel Agnew wrote journal entries about the Civil War.  Finding aid available online at (23 boxes).

Aldrich Collection. 1789-1972. Wartime letters of the Treadwell and Farabee family of North Mississippi from January 1861 to April 1865. Most of the letters concern matters of the home front.  Also contains lists of supplies bought by the Union Army at the Treadwell's store.  Finding aid available online at (25 boxes).  Part of the collection is available as a digital collection at

William T. Allen Collection. Contains materials related to the payroll of the 12th Mississippi Cavalry.  Location:  Oversized Small Manuscripts 79-6 (1 folder).

Governor Adelbert Ames Speech.  This photocopy of a published speech entitled Message of Gov. Adelbert Ames to the Legislature of Mississippi, in Extra Session
Assembled, Thursday, December 17, 1874 addresses the Vicksburg race riots during Reconstruction.
Location: Small Manuscripts 2003-1 (1 folder). 

[John M. Anderson] Pocket Diary. 1854-1868. An account book and personal journal which may have been that of John M. Anderson, a planter who was engaged in making salt for the Confederate government in Texas during the Civil War. The bulk of the diary describes movements around Oxford and Northern Mississippi in 1862. Location:  Small Manuscripts 96-1 (4 folders). 

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