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Rare Volumes

In August 2001, the J.D. Williams Library acquired the collection of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  Over the course of its history, the organization developed the world's largest and most prestigious accounting library.  The Archives and Special Collections is responsible for 190 rare volumes in this collection.  Of particular note is the 1494 folio edition of the Luca Pacioli's treatise Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita, which contains the first printed description of double entry bookkeeping.

Accountants Report and Exhibits.  Columbus, OH:  Goodloe, Keller & Co., [1906].  Call Number:  HF5603 A317 1906.

Accounting, Tirrill Gas Machine Company: No. 39 Dey St. New York, 1st January 1893, to 31st December, 1895.  Broaker & Chapman.  [New York:  1896].  Call Number:  HF5686 G3 A33.

Daniel Adams.  The Scholar's Arithmetic, or, Federal Accountant:  Containing I. Common Arithmetic...: The Whole in a Form and Method Altogether New, for the Ease of the Master and the Greater Progress of the Scholar.  Kenne, NH:  John Prentiss, 1825.  Call Number:  QA101 A25 1825.

An Address to Bankers, Merchants, Tradesmen, &c.:  Intended as an Introduction to a New System of Book-Keeping:  In which It Is Impossible for an Error of the Most Trifling Amount to Be Passed Unnoticed:  And that Is Calculated Effectually to Prevent the Evils Attendant on the Present Methods:  By Single and Double Entry. Middle Moorfields:  Printed by H. Fry; London: Sold by W. Richardson, Cornhill, and T. Longman; Bristol: R. Edwards, 1795.  Call Number:  HF5631 J59 1795.

John Ayers and Charles Snell.  Arithmetick Made Easie:  For the Use and Benefit of Trades-Men:  Wherein the Nature and Use of Fractions, Both Vulgar and Decimal, Are Taught by a New and Exact Method:  Also, the Mensuration of Solids and Superficies by J. Ayres; To Which Is Added, a Short and Easie Method after Which Shop-Keepers May State, Post and Balance Their Books of Accompts by Charles Snell.  London:  Tho. Norris and Dan. Midwinter, 1718.  Call Number:  QA101 A97 1718.

Oren M. Beach.  Tables of Interest and Discount:  Containing Two Sets of Tables for Interest at...  New York:  S. Hall, 1892.  Call Number:  HG1626 B43 1892.

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