U.S. State Web Resources

U.S. State and Local Government

US States map

State and Local Government on the Net- a directory of official state, county, and city government websites
State Government – via USA.gov – State Home Pages
State Tax Forms -- Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA) -- See also State Tax Agency Homepages
Guide to State Statistical Abstracts – U.S. Census Bureau
Statistics at the State and Local Levels via USA.gov
"State of the State Speeches" via Stateline.org
Politics 1: the Fifty State Pages – state and Congressional candidates, campaigns, elections, local news
Fifty States of the United States – Pike Street Industries - yellow pages, links to business, facts

Scout (Sunlight Foundation - powered by the Open States project) - track bills in all 50 states and Congress

Local Government via USA.gov
National Association of Counties
USA CityLink - links to US city webpages

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