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Regional Services
Directory of Federal Depository Libraries in Mississippi 

Mississippi Federal Depository Libraries Contact List
Mississippi State Documents Depositories
Needs & Offers Guidelines [Disposal policy]
Mississippi Regional Needs List
List of Mississippi Depository Offers
State Action Plan (2012)


Management Tools

FDLP Desktop
Best Practices
FDLP Handbook
FDLD: Federal Depository Library Directory
Admin Notes
Needs/Offers List (national)
Government Documents Librarianship (Univ. Michigan)
21 Things to Do When Assuming Responsibility for a Federal Depository Library (UNT)
Top 10 List for New Documents Librarians (FDLP Desktop)



GIO – Government Information Online: Ask a Librarian
GODORT Handout Exchange
Government Document Display Clearinghouse (Minn. State Univ. at Mankato)
Gi21: Government Information in the 21st Century: Training Materials


“The Agency Approach” to Locating Government Information on the Internet" Univ. of Western Ill.)

American Factfinder Tutorial (Census Bureau)

Congressional Research Tutorials (Univ. of California/Berkeley)

E-Learning Tutorials from the Census Bureau

Federal Register Workshop:  What it is and how to use it.
Historical Census Browser Tutorial (Vanderbilt University)
SUDOCS Basics: Tutorial and Quiz (Michigan State Univ.)

Talking about the Government (Mississippi State Univ.)


Government Printing Office:  Archive of GPO Online Programs

                                           Archived FDSys Webinars

"Help! I'm an Accidental Government Document Librarian presenting ... " (NCLA Gov Resources Section)    Past Events       Upcoming Events

Census Data Immersion: From Novice to Skilled Data Miner in 60 Minutes 


Cataloging Tools

Documents Data Miner
ANTS & WebTechNotes
Shipping Lists
Superseded List (FDLP Desktop)
1909 Checklist
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications
Toolbox for Cataloging & Processing Federal Government Documents (ALA-GODORT)



ASERL's Collaborative Federal Depository Program
Digitization Projects Registry


Keeping Informed

Blogs: Free GovInfo

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